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12 Color Multifunction Flexo Printing Machine, ZTF-330

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12 Color Multifunction Flexo Printing Machine, ZTF-330

The 12 color multifunction flexo printing machine can complete multiple processes, such as screen printing, adhesive surface printing, laminating, varnishing, foil stamping, die cutting, etc. The printing tension is kept constant by the servo tension control system, thus ensuring stable registration accuracy. The uniquely designed hot air drying system has a high drying efficiency, which can improve the printing speed. In addition, replacement of the steel roller and anilox roll is faster and more convenient.

Max. Width of the Material 330mm
Max. Printing Width 320mm
Printing Length Range 229~502mm
Die-cutting Length Range 254mm ~502mm
Material Thickness 0.1~0.3mm
Printing Color 12
Machine Speed 160m/min
Max. Diameter of Unwinding 1016mm
Max. Diameter of Rewinding Single rewinding: 1016mm
Dual rewinding: 762mm
Max. Diameter of Exhausting 700mm
Host Power 11kw/8 colors and below
5kw/above 8 colors
Drying Power 6kw/unit
Host Power Supply 380V/AC 3 phase, 50Hz
UV Drying Power 160w/cm
Overall Dimensions 8500×1222×2000
Weight 5000kg/8 Colors
Note: Appearance and process are subject to change without notice.
Optional Devices
1. UV Printing Device 2. Laminating Device 3. Turn Bar 4. Cold Foil Stamping Device
5. Hot Stamping Device 6. Back Score Device 7. Shearing Device 8. Corona Treatment Device
9. Ink Pump 10. Paper Collection Platform 11. Dust Removing Device 12. Enclosed Squeegee
13. Upper Rewinding Device 14. Monitoring Device 15. Round Screen Printing Device 16. Adhesive Surface Printing Device

This flexo printing machine is extremely powerful. It can support printing with 12 colors. The printing of each color is completed by a single printing unit. When the number of the supported printing color changes, the size and weight of the equipment will change. The size of the 8 color printing press is 8500×1222×2000mm and the weight is 5000kg. The printing units are arranged reasonably, ensuring good printing quality and saving floor area.

The main motor adopts the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation device imported from Japan. This device can reduce mechanical shock and power consumption, making the printing machine more durable. Customers can also choose laminating, cold foil stamping, dust removing and other functions to make the printed labels more desirable.

Our product can print on materials with the maximum width of 330mm and the printing speed is 160m/min. The maximum diameter of unwinding and exhausting is 1016mm and 700mm respectively. The winding device will collect the cut labels, so customers can easily get the finished labels with suitable areas.

Our company is a 12 color multifunction Flexo printing machine manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as die cutting machine of printing machinery, label inspection machine, offset printing machine, and letterpress label printing machine.

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