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Label Inspection Machine

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The label inspection machine is mainly used to support the use of label printing and cutting equipment. It can play the role of quality testing. Picking out labels with bad printing or cutting effect, it ensures that the labels put into use are qualified.

We provide two types of the label inspection machine, including ZTJB-330 and ZT320. The ZTJB-330 is a full-automatic inspection device. It is equipped with a 4K color line scanning CCD camera and thus has high detection accuracy. It can also be used to detect bubbles, scratches, and other types of defects. The ZT-320 has a relatively simple configuration. With a compact structure and light weight, it is flexible to use. It is also energy-saving, so the use cost is low. Customers can choose suitable product according to their own needs.

As a professional label inspection machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a broad range of products, including letterpress label printing machine, slitting machine, die cutting machine of printing machinery, and more.

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