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ZTJ-330 PS Plate Intermittent Offset Label Printing Machine

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ZTJ-330 PS Plate Intermittent Offset Label Printing Machine

The ZTJ-330 offset printing machine is suitable for the printing of coated paper stickers, aluminum foil paper stickers, thermal paper, as well as PE, PP and PVC stickers. Its resolution is over 200LPI. The classic structure of Heidelberg SM52 is adopted and the three-point suspension mechanism makes this equipment more stable and practical.

Max. Width of the Material 330mm
Max. Printing Width 320mm
Printing Length Range 100-320mm
Thickness of the Printed Material 0.1-0.3mm
Machine Speed 30-200rpm(50m/min)
Max. Diameter of Unwinding 700mm
Max. Diameter of Winding 700mm
Air Pressure 7kg/cm2
Host Power 30kw/6 colors (Not including the UV system)
Power of the UV System 4.8kw
Power Supply Three phase 380V
Overall Dimensions 9500×1700×1600mm
Weight about 9ton/6 colors
Note: 1.Machine speed varies with the change of the printing length.
2. The appearance of the machine and the production process are subject to change without notice.

Combining German Heidelberg offset printing technology and our patent technology, the ZTJ-330 PS plate intermittent offset label printing machine adopts Japanese Panasonic servo motor and is controlled by DOS system and high-performance CPU. The self-developed vacuum reflux uncoiling technology solves the problem of unstable tension of traditional printers when printing and effectively prevents the depletion caused by fiction between printing materials and other components. This equipment is easy to operate. Users can control it through the mobile touch console to make it adjust by itself, like automatic pressure adjustment, ink roller cleaning, etc. Users can also add some devices, such as cold foil stamping system, CCD camera, etc., to make this equipment multifunction. Our product can run 200 revolutions per minute and can print on materials with the width of 330mm and the thickness of 0.1-0.3mm, which has a strong printing capacity.

1. The ZTJ-330 offset printing machine adopts the most advanced ink system which has 23 ink rollers (including four large-diameter forme rollers) and uses alcohol dampening, ensuring the quality of the printed products.
2. Register can be adjusted through the remote control of each printing unit in transverse, longitudinal and skew directions without stopping the equipment. Movement of the printing unit is very flexible, so this saves time and reduces material waste.
3. Control system of the machine adopts imported international brands of electrical components, which guarantees long-term reliable operation.
4. Each unit is driven by independent servo motor, so each unit works independently of each other. A stable overprint precision can also be provided in high-speed printing.
5. For different printing length, it is only needed to input the printing specifications on the mobile console. Then each unit will automatically move to the required place, which is very convenient.
6. Adopting patented technology, our product can achieve greater variable-format printing.
7. The lubricating system is an automatic centralized refueling system.
8. The mobile touch console can move between units, so the working efficiency is improved.

Optional Devices
1. Automatic Ink Roller Cleaning System
2. Remote Ink Fountain Control System
3. Cold Foil Stamping System
4. Round Screen Printing Color
5. CCD Camera
6. Digital Printing Unit
7. UV Flexographic Printing Unit
The flexo printing with anilox is particularly suitable for UV varnishing and for making a white area on transparent materials.
8. Letterpress Printing Unit
9. Roller Die Cutting Device
The caring blade is attached on the magnetic drum and any graphic can be die cut.
10. Laminating Device
In high-speed intermittent printing, an intermittent laminating device can be installed before the roller die cutting device.

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