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Label Slitter Rewinder with Rotary Die Cutter, FQ-330R/450R

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Label Slitter Rewinder with Rotary Die Cutter, FQ-330R/450R

This range of label slitter rewinder is available with a rotary die cutter. The working portions of the bed and cutting mechanism of the machine are cylindrical. During working, the printed paper is sent to the place between the die-plate roller and the pressure roller by the feeding roller. It is clamped and die cut. One revolution of the die-plate roller is an operating cycle. As the roller rotates continuously during working, the working efficiency is superior to many other die cutting machines. Similar with the FQ-320/450 products, this label slitting rewinding machine also has photoelectric deviation correction, automatic counting and other functions.

We provide two types of label slitter rewinders, FQ-330R and FQ-450R. The size is 1500×1000×1200mm and 1650×1300×1700mm respectively. Customers can choose according to their own needs.

Model FQ-330R FQ-450R
Slitting Speed 75m/min 75m/min
Die Cutting Speed 60m/min 60m/min
Die - cutting Perimeter 206.375-381mm (65teeth-120teeth) 206.375-381mm (65teeth -120teeth)
Max. Web Width 330mm 450mm
Max. Diameter of Winding 600mm 600mm
Max. Diameter of Rewinding 600mm 600mm
Overall Dimensions 1.5×1.0×1.2mm 1.65×1.3×1.7m
Weight 430kg About 750kg

We are a China-based label slitter rewinder manufacturer and supplier. We offer a vast array of products, including Flexo printing machine, resin printing plate exposure machine, letterpress label printing machine, and more.

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